CMG Assist (Consumer Marketing Group, LLC) operating since 2008 was started to remove vendor bias in discussing disaster recovery and business continuity solutions and to relieve companies from endless vendor research. Many of us at CMG Assist, when working for others, have been in the uncomfortable place of overstating the value of the one solution we had to offer. We prefer and now enjoy a Win-Win-Win business model where Clients, Vendors and We also benefit from open relationships and accurate industry knowledge.

CMG Assist is also the creator of “AAA Disaster Recovery Club.” AAA members under this program have access to 100’s of vendors, providing services for almost every disaster recovery need. These vendors offer discounted rates and priority access to their services when you need them most. Learn more here about the program that will change the way your company responds to disasters in the future.

The founder, Salvador Marquez (Sal), hungered to remove that bias and its lack of integrity by offering ALL of the best solutions guided by Client priorities. Sal managed to accomplish more than just that. His unique business model uses industry competition to carry out our three unique values…

  • YOUR AGENDA: Your agenda rules when you talk with us. We have so many solutions and providers that we have no need to push you in some other direction so we can make an income.
  • VENDOR NEUTRAL: We have substantial “vendor redundancy.” That is to say we have many competitive high quality vendors for most any need you have. And we are well positioned to negotiate for best pricing within our competitive bid process.
  • NO COST: We don’t charge you for our counsel in disaster recover and business continuity. We, instead charge vendors for successful referrals.
Give us a call. Tell us your short-term and long-term goals and we’ll help you get the best services at the best price to protect your business.

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The CMG Team!