CMG Connect for Phones and Internet

CMGconnect v5CMG Assist is now offering a unique service that many hundreds of companies have been asking for but until now has been unavailable anywhere among disaster recovery and business continuity service providers.

We Call it “CMG Connect.”

Now you can recover your phones and internet on demand when a disaster strikes for as little as $150/month, re-connecting with clients, employees, vendors and your web based services like email, databases and web tools.

[ Download a printable summary of this service. ]

CMG Connect Packages:

 Connect 1:
HighSpeed Internet, 8 phones, 8 notebook computers and a multi-function printer.
(For as little as $150/mo)
 Connect 2:
HighSpeed Internet, 50 phones, 16 notebook computers and two multi-function printers.
(For as little as $275/mo)
 Custom Solutions Available.
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( The automated sign-up portal is under development. FOR NOW call us at 800-503-1037. )